street brake rotors


car model: MAZDA3
Model: ディーゼル車、ガソリン4WD車、ガソリン2.0L SKY-X車
type: フロント
Selling price$296.00

Product information

*Even if it is the same model, it may not be possible to install it depending on the grade and year. In addition, separate parts may be required for installation. Be sure to check here for detailed compatibility.

Even though it is made of mass-produced one-piece FC cast iron with the same shape, strength is improved by controlling the content of carbon and silicon. Furthermore, by applying heat treatment processing, the metal bond structure is stabilized. It suppresses distortion due to heat and improves fade resistance and crack resistance. >>More details


1-piece type with a slit in the same shape as mass-produced.

The "Street Brake Rotor" is made of one-piece FC cast iron with the same shape as mass-produced products, but the content of carbon and silicon is controlled. In addition, thorough heat treatment processing stabilizes the metal bond structure, suppresses distortion due to heat, and increases strength. In addition, it is equipped with a slit that allows fade gas generated when the brake pad heats up to escape and cleanly scrapes the carbonized surface of the brake pad to enhance its effectiveness. These synergistic effects improve fade resistance and improve stability during braking. The product is suitable for a wide range of new and old Mazda vehicles, and is ideal for refresh use.

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