fuel lid cover


car model: Roadster
Selling price$75.00

Product information

*Even if it is the same model, it may not be possible to install it depending on the grade and year. In addition, separate parts may be required for installation. For detailed compatibility, be sure to check here .


A chrome-plated product specially designed for each model with a three-dimensional effect.

Designed specifically for vehicle models to be installed on mass-produced fuel lids. The product is made of ABS with a three-dimensional chrome-plated finish, and can be easily attached with double-sided tape. It gives a sporty and mechanical impression without breaking the character line of the vehicle. In addition, by combining with the "fuel cap cover" attached to the mass-produced fuel cap (sold separately), it is possible to enjoy a uniform coordination around the fuel filler port.


A unique utility that lifts your mood.

In order to keep driving fresh every day, not only functionality and usability, but also unique utilities and accessories that lift your spirits are indispensable. A sporty outfit with functions not found in mass-produced vehicles, and a number of dress-up parts that color the engine room in a unified red color.

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