Carbon key cover

Vehicle type: 共通パーツ
type: 新型アドバンストキー用
Selling price$69.00

Product information

* Even if the model is the same, it may not be possible to install it depending on the grade, model year. In addition, additional parts may be required when installing . For detailed compatibility, please be sure to check from here .


Made of high quality dry carbon. New advanced key compatible product.

Autoclave manufacturing method used for racing car bodies, etc. Made of dry carbon. The texture that makes the most of the texture of the material is attractive. Compatible with MAZDA3 (BP) / CX-30 (DM) equipped with the new advanced key.

・ Specifications: Made of dry carbon, with AutoExe logo, 2-piece configuration, double-sided tape adhesive type

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Suede-like items that stand out sporty, stickers that color the styling, emblems, etc. Please enjoy the coordination with your car in every detail with your sense.

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