Motion control beam

Vehicle type: MAZDA6/Atenza
Model: GJ系全車
Selling price$618.00

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* Even if it is the same model, it may not be installed depending on the grade and model year. In addition, additional parts may be required for installation. Please be sure to check here for detailed compatibility.


Reinforce the front and rear ends of the body to increase torsional rigidity. By suppressing the vibration of the body due to high rigidity with an ultra-high damping friction type damper, it creates a street-best ride with strength and suppleness. A set of two front and back. >> More details


Reinforces the end of the body to increase torsional rigidity.
Built-in friction type vibration damping damper, motion control beam.

The stronger the body, the better to enjoy driving positively. The reason is that the input from the road surface distorts the body and hinders the movement of the suspension ... Of course, the body of mass-produced cars has evolved year by year and has sufficient rigidity for normal driving, but the car There is a lot of room for increased rigidity in order to fully enjoy the sense of unity with. Therefore, we have searched for the weak points of mass-produced bodies, and have accumulated a lineup aiming for a perfect rigid body from strut tower bars to full-scale brace kits.
Aiming for further deepening, we focused on reinforcement of the front and rear ends, which is effective against twisting of the body. Compared to the cabin in the center of the body where the monocoque is formed, it is basically composed of two "R" -shaped closed cross-section side frames laid out in the vertical direction, like the ladder frame used for trucks. , Lean force is only distributed. Moreover, since there is a suspension mounting part where a large load is applied, it is easier to twist than the central part of the body. If we can reinforce this, a stronger body can be realized.

We have previously developed a product called Frame End Brace. The structure is completely rigid by fastening the square shape with a high-rigidity steel oval pipe. By combining it with a strut tower bar or floor cross bar, the torsional rigidity has been greatly improved. However, as the body approaches a perfectly rigid body, micro-vibrations from the road surface that cannot be absorbed by the suspension, tires, and rubber bushes are more likely to be transmitted. This tendency tends to be seen especially in the latest Mazda cars, which have higher body rigidity.
"Motion Control Beam (MCB) * 1 " was developed to solve this problem. In order to suppress slight vibration while increasing the rigidity to the limit, the part where the steel oval shaft was used was changed to a friction type damper with ultra-high damping. The inside is a simple mechanical configuration with a disc spring and a friction plate as shown in "MCB internal structure (conceptual diagram)".

* 1 MCB® is a registered trademark of Aisin Co., Ltd.

First, the body rigidity is secured by the tension of a tough disc spring with a spring constant of 100 times or more that of the suspension spring. Then, vibration is suppressed by the elastic force and frictional force of the friction plate from the stroke range at the moment when the body is about to vibrate. The stroke amount is only about 4um (= 0.004mm) in a scene (0.5G) where a driver who enjoys driving runs through the winding at a high pace. Although it is a minute numerical value that cannot be detected by a measuring instrument or the like, people judge the difference as a difference in "ride taste". Therefore, we continue to stick to "Kansei tuning" that does not appear in the specifications. The lineup of new items with strength and suppleness is being expanded. I want you to experience the effect.

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