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car model: Roadster
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*Even if it is the same model, it may not be possible to install it depending on the grade and model year. In addition, separate parts may be required for installation. Be sure to check here for detailed compatibility.


Eliminates the leaf springs and urethane bushings used in mass-produced products to mitigate shift shocks, pursuing moderation. Short stroke by about 24% by changing the lever ratio. It realizes a direct and quick operation feeling like a sports car, which is neither too heavy nor too light. In combination with the AutoExe shift knob, it is also possible to adjust the shift stroke according to the driver's preference. >>more details


Manipulate MT directly and quickly.
24% short stroke shift lever kit.

Nowadays, 2 pedals are the mainstream even in super sports models on the market. AT's superiority is unwavering not only in terms of easy driving, but also in speed and accuracy of shift changes.
In such a situation, if you dare to enjoy changing gears in a primitive MT car, you want to be particular about the shift feel. What we focused on was the shift lever that connects the driver and the transmission, in order to enhance the intimate feeling of oneness with the roadster. The mass-produced product is cleverly designed to absorb shift shock and vibration by incorporating leaf springs and urethane bushes in a metal lever with a total length of only about 230mm. Even though it is a sports car, it is designed to be easy to handle and comfortable for general drivers.
On the other hand, our aim is clear. First of all, giving top priority to a direct feeling, eliminating the clever mechanisms adopted for mass production and reducing the play of moving parts. As for the quick feel, after careful examination of the feel of operation from a number of prototypes with different lever ratios, the stroke has been shortened by 24%. It is neither too heavy nor too light. The product can be fitted with a mass-produced shift knob, but when used together with an AutoExe shift knob, it is possible to finely adjust the shift stroke. I want you to pursue your favorite shift feel.

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