Shift knob spherical type


Vehicle type: MAZDA2/Demio
Model: DJ系 AT車
type: AT車 球形状 レッドステッチ
Selling price$125.00

Product information

* Even if the model is the same, it may not be possible to install it depending on the grade and model year. In addition, additional parts may be required for installation. Please be sure to check here for detailed compatibility.

Made of genuine leather with a diameter of 51 mm with an emphasis on operability. The specifications include sporty red stitching and an aluminum logo plate to enhance the texture of details. A total of 3 types and 5 product numbers are available for MT vehicles and gate-type AT vehicles, including the push type that is compatible with straight shifter AT vehicles that are often used in Mazda vehicles in recent years. Compatible with a wide range of old and new Mazda vehicles. >> More details


Tune COOL! Interior

In order to clearly convey the driver's intention to drive to the car, I would like to pay close attention to the texture and functionality of the cockpit interface. For the interior, we have prepared an airbag-compatible steering wheel that has a casual and sporty sensibility and a shift knob that pursues a stroke feeling during operation. I want you to enjoy the dialogue with the car.

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