sport brake line


Car model: CX-60
Model: KH系全車
Selling price$225.00

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*It may not be possible to install it depending on the grade and year even if it is the same car model. Additionally, additional parts may be required for installation. Please be sure to check here for detailed compatibility.

Stainless steel mesh PTFE + PVC coating that creates a sense of rigidity.

Uses stainless mesh PTFE (Teflon), which has less deterioration due to heat and age and less expansion due to hydraulic pressure than the rubber used in mass-produced cars, and maintains a direct brake feel that corresponds to the pedal force. . Faithfully reproduces the hose layout similar to mass production. It is designed with safety in mind, including a PVC coating that protects the hose from flying stones. Includes gaskets required for installation. >>More details


Tune COOL! Brake

Determine the transient characteristics of μ.
This is where flexible braking techniques are born.

■Another key is increasing the rigidity of the system.
Our brake tuning goes beyond just the pads. Another key is increasing the rigidity of the system. There is considerable room for improvement in ``effectiveness'' by suppressing the slight distortions of various operating parts that are allowed in mass-produced cars. We have installed master back braces and brake pedal braces for many vehicle models, focusing on the distortion of the unit from the brake pedal to the master cylinder, which converts pedal force during braking into hydraulic pressure. The slight delay in response from when the pedal is pressed to when the brakes are applied has been recovered, and the effectiveness has been refined to be the best on the street. In addition, we have developed a street brake rotor for a wide range of vehicles that supports stable braking force by providing slits to keep the rotor surface clean and fade gas generated by heat generated during braking. We want you to experience sensitivity tuning even more clearly with the unique items we have put into brakes. >>More details

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