Sports clutch set


Vehicle type: RX-7
Model: FD3S MT車
Selling price$489.00

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* Even if the model is the same, it may not be possible to install it depending on the grade and model year. In addition, additional parts may be required for installation. Please be sure to check here for detailed compatibility.


The facing material is a non-asbestos material that exhibits high mu in a wide temperature range. In combination with a doug tile cast iron cover with a crimping force increased by about 30% compared to mass production, reliable torque transmission is possible. Although it requires some pedaling force for operation, it is a characteristic that is easy to handle in sports driving because the meet point at half-clutch is clear compared to mass production. >> More details


Street priority design. Mass production shape non-asbestos type .

Gear change is indispensable as a means of communication between the driver and the car. Therefore, there are people who continue to stick to MT even in the modern age of AT. And it is our sports clutch that amplifies that feeling. The original organic (non-asbestos) material, which uses high-strength fiber and at the same time increases the ratio of copper wire woven into the friction material, has basic performance of the clutch disc such as fade resistance, rotational strength, and reduction of friction coefficient change. Improve. It enables stop-and-go on the street, operability at half-clutch, and support for a wide temperature range.

Of course, even in the original power transmission function, the combination with the Doug tile cast iron pressure plate that adopted a double spring and a reinforced diaphragm spring to increase the crimping force by about 30% ensures the torque of the high output engine. Have acquired the ability to communicate to. The word reinforced clutch has an image that is difficult to handle, but that is when the racing specs are used as they are on the street. Since the clutch for racing is designed for the extreme situation where the temperature rises instantly, noise, uneven wear and durability are generated on the street where the situation is harsh in a sense different from racing. There are various disadvantages such as deterioration of the.
Of course, the operation is tiring. But don't worry. Our sports clutch, which was designed mainly for street use, requires a little pedaling force compared to mass-produced products, but it is possible to ride from sports driving to city riding without worrying about it.

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