Sports steering wheel


Vehicle type: MAZDA3
Model: BP系全車
Selling price$315.00

Product information

* Even if the model is the same, it may not be possible to install it depending on the grade and model year. In addition, additional parts may be required for installation. Please be sure to check here for detailed compatibility.

Red color center mark with flat bottom shape ... Airbag compatible product with outstanding sportiness. High-quality napper leather is used as the material, and the diameter has been reduced by 7 mm from mass production. Details such as an oval cross-section grip that is not too thick and easy to grip, dimple-processed leather that enhances holdability, and a thumb grip are created to actively enjoy driving. >> More details


Upgrade to nappa leather that fits in your hand.
Flat bottom specifications with outstanding sportiness.

In order to fully enjoy the dialogue with the car, I want to stick to the texture and texture of the cockpit. The steering wheel, which is the core of the interface with the driver, has been upgraded to a new soft and durable nappa leather material, pursuing a high-quality sports mind. An eye-catching D-cut flat bottom, an elliptical cross-section grip that is not too thick and is easy to grip, inspired by the handle of a Japanese sword, a thumb grip that enhances holdability, and a moderate amount that achieves both quick operability and meter visibility. We have created details to actively enjoy driving, such as reducing the diameter. Furthermore, the bright red color center mark and stitching add color to the interior. To install it, just replace the steering body with a mass-produced product. Compatible with the SRS airbag system, the standard switches and shift switch (paddle shift) can be used as they are. * The steering heater is not equipped and will not function.

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