Styling kit KF-06B


Vehicle type: CX-5
Model: KF系-500001~
type: フロントアンダースポイラー
Selling price$572.00

Product information

* Even if it is the same model, it may not be installed depending on the grade and model year. In addition, additional parts may be required for installation. Please be sure to check here for detailed compatibility.

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The wedge shape of the wing tip adds a flowing force to the front part.

Diffuser type tightens the rear view.

Floating type full of sports mind.

Metallic silver specification under garnish that creates a powerful and active style like an SUV. It does not require painting and can be additionally attached to the front and rear mass-produced bumpers.


KF-06B Styling kit

Ride an SUV like a sports car.
Tuning kit for the new CX-5 KF-06B.

Introducing the tuning kit KF-06B for the new CX-5 with big changes! We will pre-release a new design styling kit and the first standard running parts for drivers who want a clearer sports feeling.
To a special one that deepens the enjoyment of driving. Full-scale complete parts including suspension, body reinforcement, intake and exhaust, and brakes will be released sequentially from this winter. Stay tuned for our new CX-5 personalization project! >> More details

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