Styling kit BP-06


Vehicle type: MAZDA3
Model: BP系 ファストバック
type: フロントアンダースポイラー
Selling price$574.00

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The wedge shape at the tip of the wing adds a flowing force. Piano black painted.

A simple markless type with piano black on the surface and matte black paint on the recesses.

Paint-free black satin finish that tightens the rear view together with the rear roof spoiler.

Floating type full of sports mind. Piano black painted.


BP-06 Styling kit

To release the potential.
MAZDA3 Fastback & Sedan.

As a pioneer of the new generation Mazda cars, the MAZDA3 has a reputation for its unique styling and driving performance. We at AutoExe, which promotes the "Mazda Car Individualization Project," propose the sports version BP-06 as soon as possible based on our unique sensitivity tuning. So far, the street sports suspension kit that has refined the transient characteristics of the roll to obtain the depth of riding, and the ram air intake system that allows you to experience the improved response of the engine for both gasoline and diesel. And, at the same time as improving the torsional rigidity by using vibration damping dampers at the front and rear ends of the body, we constantly release full-scale functional parts such as a motion control beam that absorbs minute vibrations from the road surface, for a pleasant feeling of sharp sports driving. It continues to evolve. >> More details

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