Styling kit NC-05


Vehicle type: Roadster
Model: NC系-304865~ ソフトトップ車
type: フロントアンダースポイラー
Selling price$455.00

Product information

* Even if it is the same model, it may not be installed depending on the grade and model year. In addition, additional parts may be required for installation. Please be sure to check here for detailed compatibility.

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NC-05 Styling kit

Make the lightweight essence hot and deep.
To the culmination of the Roadster Tune.

The NC Roadster, which also has the best Gran Turismo elements in the

series, resonates with the hobbies and sensibilities of adults. The NC-05 is a refinement of the mature model.
The styling is a neat and calm sports form. An additional type front under spoiler that can be installed on vehicles equipped with a pop-up bonnet and a dedicated rear spoiler are set for each RHT / soft top vehicle. >> More details

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