Full bucket seat TYPE-A7 dedicated seat rail


Car model: Roadster
format: NDERC/ND5RC
type: 運転席
Selling price$1,963.00

Product information

*It may not be possible to install it depending on the grade and year even if it is the same car model. Additionally, additional parts may be required for installation. Please be sure to check here for detailed compatibility.

This product is a seat rail exclusively for "Full Bucket Seat TYPE-A7".
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Full bucket seat TYPE-A7

A special full bucket type seat that firmly holds the driver even in scenes where strong lateral G is generated, such as clearing continuous twisting corners with high roll rigidity suspension. The basic shell is made of highly rigid FRP. The side supports are asymmetrically shaped to fit perfectly into the tight ND interior. The outer skin is a flame-retardant material with a fearless black color and red stripes. It incorporates features ideal for sports driving, such as a belt hole for a 4- to 5-point seat belt, a height that can lower the hip position by up to 35 mm, and a rear angle adjustment mechanism. In addition, removable seat/back cushions, lumbar support, and 3-point seat belt guides are standard equipment. Convenience on the street has also been taken into account, with a genuine speaker relocation kit available as an option. I would like to see a deeper direct interface with the car by coordinating it with the steering wheel/shift knob designed by the same craftsman. >>More details

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