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AutoExe Logo Hand Towel Set (Set of 2)

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Product information

AutoExe logo hand towel set (set of 2)

Recommended for everyday use.
A hand towel set from Imabari with the AutoExe logo.

It is one size smaller than a typical handkerchief, making it easy to use on a daily basis.
Convenient to fold and put in your pocket or bag. A two-color set of black and light gray.

AutoExeロゴ ハンドタオルセット  (2枚組)

AutoExeロゴ ハンドタオルセット (2枚組)AutoExeロゴ ハンドタオルセット (2枚組)AutoExeロゴ ハンドタオルセット (2枚組)

■What are towels from Imabari?
Imabari City, located in the northern part of Ehime Prefecture, is blessed with high-quality soft water and is famous for producing towels that are highly absorbent and soft to the touch. Produced using water from Imabari, which has extremely low levels of heavy metals and hardness, the towels can be finished without damaging the fibers, giving them a fluffy texture.

[Product name] Original hand towel 2-piece set
[Color] Light gray/black
[Body material] 100% cotton (Japan Made in Imabari)
[Size] Approximately 20 x 20cm
[Accessories] Comes in a cylindrical clear case