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RHODIA Script Mechanical Pencil AutoExe Custom

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RHODIA Script Mechanical Pencil AutoExe Custom

A mechanical pencil full of functional beauty created by the French stationery brand "RHODIA". Custom specification with AutoExe logo engraved.

A minimalist design designed to make your writing and drawing time more active and creative without distracting your attention. The hexagonal shaft is made of aluminum and has a hairline finish that not only allows you to enjoy the high-grade feel of the metal, but also feels great to the touch.

The pen tip is shaped to be easy to see, allowing free drawing.

AutoExeロゴ ハンドタオルセット (2枚組)AutoExeロゴ ハンドタオルセット (2枚組)AutoExeロゴ ハンドタオルセット (2枚組)

■Rhodia scRipt MP Silver (mechanical pencil)
Specifications: Pencil lead diameter 0.5mm, knock type
Overall length: 128mm Coaxial diameter: 9mm Maximum width : 13mm
Body weight: 18g
Aluminum/anodized finish (shaft), brass, painted finish (clip, tip, tail end)
Exclusive box + OPP bag


French-born stationery brand "RHODIA"フランスの文具メーカー ロディア


"Rhodia" has been loved by many people for its functionality that can withstand professional use and excellent design for writing in a standing position. At the same time, it became established as an indispensable product for daily life in France, and since the 1970s, its grid-like graph format has been widely used by architects, designers, artists, and scientists in Europe, North America, and Japan. It is loved by people.