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Car model: RX-7
Model: FD3S
Selling price$859.00

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*It may not be possible to install it depending on the grade and year even if it is the same car model. Additionally, additional parts may be required for installation. Please be sure to check here for detailed compatibility.


Sports plug code

Uses stainless steel core wire with low electrical resistance and excellent noise resistance. The core wire is wrapped around reinforced Kevlar, and three Kevlar wires are wound in a spiral to prevent the generation of magnetic fields that cause noise. Furthermore, the core wire is coated with a double layer of silicone. As a result, it has both a low resistance of approximately 0.4Ω/m (ignition power is approximately 20 times that of mass-produced products) and measures against noise, which is a concern due to low resistance. >>More details


Low resistance triple structure core wire strengthens ignition power.

Even if it is a gasoline engine car, without electricity it cannot run without burning the gasoline. This may seem extreme, but the performance of the plug cord that supplies electricity to the spark plug is that important. You might think that it would be OK to connect them with a wire with low resistance, but in modern cars, that is not an easy thing to do. If a copper wire with good transmission efficiency is used to lower resistance, electrical noise will be generated and have a negative impact on the audio and ECU.
Generally, therefore, noise is reduced by using a resistor in the plug cap, etc., but this increases the resistance value in exchange for noise reduction, so a compromise must be made somewhere. So what did we do? First, we adopted a wire material that has low electrical resistance and excellent noise resistance. A low-resistance stainless steel core wire that is resistant to magnetism is finely wound around three reinforced Kevlar cores, and the three wires are wound in a spiral shape. At this stage, the generation of magnetic fields, which are the cause of noise, is already prevented. Next, we applied a double coating of two types of silicone with different hardness, and also used silicone material in the boot section to create a structure that traps noise.
Furthermore, the connection terminals are also specially designed, achieving a low resistance of approximately 0.4 kΩ/m (ignition power approximately 20 times that of mass production) while ensuring noise resistance. At first glance, it looks colorful and fashionable, but inside it is a collection of high functionality. The strong acceleration and positive effect on fuel efficiency due to stable ignition performance are also supported by user reports.

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