stainless muffler


Car model: Roadster
Model: NA8C/NA6CE
Selling price$4,905.00

Product information

*It may not be possible to install it depending on the grade and year even if it is the same car model. Additionally, additional parts may be required for installation. Please be sure to check here for detailed compatibility.
Special specification with a clean straight cut φ70 tail. A large-capacity straight structure silencer with low exhaust resistance and excellent response, and a modest φ50.8 intermediate pipe create well-balanced output characteristics and a gentle sports sound. Can be installed on all NA series roadster cars.
・Pipe diameter: Φ50.8 ・Tail diameter: Φ70 ・Made of stainless steel


More than mass production, less than tuning. An update program for out-of-print sports cars.

In the early 1990s, when the bubble economy was still in full swing, flagships equipped with large-displacement 6-cylinder engines equipped with turbos competed for high power, and full-time 4WD homologation models that looked like they were straight out of a competition venue raced around town. Go around. Car enthusiasts around the world were enjoying a golden age of sports machines as Japanese car manufacturers competed with each other to develop high technology. >>More details



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