Street sports suspension kit


Car model: MAZDA3
Model: BP系
Selling price$8,945.00

Product information

*Even if the vehicle is the same model, it may not be possible to install it depending on the grade and model year. Additionally, additional parts may be required when installing . For detailed compatibility, please be sure to check here.


While maintaining the balance of mass-produced specifications, this is a vehicle height adjustable kit aimed at normal evolution for driving enjoyment. The vehicle height, spring constant, and damper damping force are set based on the dynamic sensibility engineering theory of Takao Kishima, who was an authority on suspension and served as the chief development officer for sports cars during his tenure at Mazda Motor Corporation. It has been tuned for exquisite handling that goes beyond the limitations of mass-produced cars. Adopts a high-precision twin tube damper and a special trapezoidal spring with excellent lateral rigidity. >>More details


An endless challenge to “ride taste”. Street best model.

The "Street Sports Suspension Kit" is a vehicle height adjustable kit designed by AutoExe to pursue the best ride quality on the street. This model was born based on the ``dynamic sensitivity engineering'' advocated by Takao Kishima, who was involved in the development of numerous sports cars as an authority on suspension while working at Mazda Motor Corporation. By taking full advantage of the integrated design that allows the damper and spring to be freely combined, it embodies a depth of ride quality that is not simply absolute performance or the highest limit.

The damper has a simple structure and uses a fixed damping force type that is advantageous in increasing the damping force from a very low piston speed range of 0.05 m/sec or less, and accurately controls the roll speed from the moment the piston starts moving. . The spring that is combined with it has a spring constant of about 110 to 130% compared to mass-produced cars, suppressing the amount of roll appropriately. The unique damping ratio (balance between damping force and spring constant), which is the core of the street best, achieves both unambiguous handling and ride comfort that are in sync with the sensibilities of sports-oriented drivers.

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