Styling kit ND-05S


Car model: Roadster
Model: ND5RC
type: LEDフォグランプキット
Selling price$2,253.00

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Full bumper type that achieves a markless face while retaining the active bonnet function. It is also possible to install LED fog lamps, which are not included in the mass production version, including options.

Optional item for front nose. A compact, high-performance fog lamp that combines a high-intensity 5-chip type high-power LED and a projector lens. Ensuring visibility when driving in bad weather with powerful light irradiation

A wing-type spoiler that gives the rear view a sports car-like presence. The high-mounted stop lamp is installed by relocating a mass-produced product. AutoExe ornaments are placed on the left and right wing tips. A lid cover is included to naturally arrange the mass-produced high mount stop lamp installation area.


ND-05S Styling kit

The purification of lightweight sports continues unabated.
“Tune COOL!” sharpens the form and driving performance.

The 4th generation ND returns to the origins of the roadster and inherits the charm of lightweight sports with a lightweight and compact open body powered by a small displacement engine. Since its inception, users have been able to enjoy a variety of things based on their own values. What AutoExe consistently pursues toward ND is purification into lightweight sports. The 05S, the second ND tune, uses "sensitivity tuning" based on the 05 generation concept "Tune COOL!" to sharpen the Jinba Ittai that the mass-produced version aimed for.
Firstly, the styling aims to combine a neat sports face with active bonnet functions. The full bumper-type front has a simple surface structure that eliminates unnecessary character lines and a horizontal grille, creating a visually low center of gravity and creating a unified form. >>More details

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