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AutoExe Logo Towel Set (Set of 4)

Car model: 共通パーツ
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Product information

AutoExe logo towel set (4-piece set)

The logo is boldly placed on a towel from Imabari that has a soft texture and is comfortable to use.
A set of 4 towels that brings AutoExe to your everyday life.

A towel set that can be used in your room or in the car for any occasion you like.
In addition to absorbing sweat and moisture, it also maintains the body temperature after sports, so it is useful not only for everyday use such as after taking a bath, but also for outdoor activities such as camping and the beach.

It can also be used as a gift, with a combination of 4 types: hand towel, face towel, and bath towel.

AutoExeロゴ ハンドタオルセット (2枚組)AutoExeロゴ ハンドタオルセット (2枚組)AutoExeロゴ ハンドタオルセット (2枚組)

■What are Imabari Towels?
Imabari City, located in the northern part of Ehime Prefecture, is blessed with high-quality soft water and is famous for producing towels that are highly absorbent and soft to the touch. Imabari towels are produced using Imabari water that is extremely low in heavy metals and has a low hardness component, making it possible to finish the towels without damaging the fibers, giving them a fluffy texture.

[Product name] Original hand towel (2 pieces), face towel, bath towel 4-piece set
[Color] Black/ Light gray, white, black
[Main material] 100% cotton (made in Japan/imabari)
[Size] Mini towel approx. 20 x 20 cm, face towel approx. 33 x 82 cm , bath towel approx. 60 x 118cm
[Accessories] Comes in a cosmetic box


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