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PUMA driving shoes × AutoExe custom


Car model: 共通パーツ
size: 26cm
Selling price$78.00

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PUMA driving shoes × AutoExe custom

Popular PUMA driving shoes "Speed ​​Cat" x AutoExe custom.
These shoes are recommended for both driving and everyday use!

The "PUMA Speed ​​Cat" series features a stylish design and a clean silhouette. The thin sole and round heel make it easy to operate the pedals, such as using the heel fulcrum to control movement while driving.

The entire shoe is made of natural suede leather. They are also popular as driving shoes that can be worn around town as soon as you get out of the car.

The AutoExe logo is attached to the side of the heel, and a metallic dupre is attached to the tip of the shoelace. You can customize it as you like, such as replacing it with the included original shoelaces that feature the AutoExe logo all over!

The direct feel of the pedals on the soles of your feet is irresistible!
Driving shoes that can be used on a daily basis and allow for comfortable driving are recommended items that you should have at least one pair.

There is a limited quantity in stock. Please note.


<Main specifications>

[Product name] PUMA driving shoes × AutoExe custom
[Leather material] Natural leather + natural fiber, rubber sole
[Dupree] Metal
PUMA Speed ​​Cat LS /BK Size: 26cm
PUMA Speed ​​Cat LS/BK Size: 27cm
PUMA Speed ​​Cat LS/BK Size: 28cm
*We recommend one size larger than the size you usually wear.
[Weight] Approx. 660g (27cm)
[Accessories] AutoExe original shoelaces/PUMA boxed

The sole is thinner than regular shoes, so please be careful when walking for long periods in the rain.

It has a slender silhouette for precise pedal operation.
We recommend a size 0.5cm to 1.0cm larger than the shoes you usually wear.

Natural suede leather may change color and become white depending on the area. Please understand that it is a unique characteristic of natural materials, and enjoy its texture as a part of fashion.

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