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Car model: CX-5
Model: KF/KE系ディーゼル2WD車
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It may not be possible to install it depending on the grade and year even if it is the same car model.Additionally, additional parts may be required for installation.Please be sure to check here for detailed compatibility.


The aim of the intermediate exhaust pipe kit with a built-in chamber mechanism is to expand the "suction effect (pulsation effect)"Improving exhaust efficiency by appropriately arranging chambers of special sizeAlthough it is possible to install the part alone, we recommend using it in conjunction with an AutoExe muffler.>>More details

・Main pipe diameter: Φ60.5 ・Chamber diameter: Φ89.1 ・2-split type




Built-in chamberMiddle pipe that enhances the “suction effect”

■Exhaust system tuning is not just about reducing resistance.
When tuning the exhaust system, if you only want to reduce exhaust resistance, the best performance will be achieved by increasing the diameter of the muffler or exhausting directly from the exhaust port.However, if you exhaust the air directly from the exhaust port, the performance will drop.This is because if the piston only pushes out exhaust gas during the exhaust stroke, the exhaust gas in the combustion chamber will not be completely exhausted, and the combustion chamber will not be able to be filled with air-fuel mixture during the next intake stroke.In other words, the engine cannot perform to its full potential.

■The key to increasing output lies in negative pressure waves = "sucking out" power
In order to efficiently discharge exhaust gas from the combustion chamber, the key is not only to push it out with the piston, but also to actively "suck it out".
Exhaust gas flows in the order of exhaust manifold (for turbo cars, turbine → front pipe) → middle pipe → muffler, and the "negative pressure wave" generated in this process becomes the source of the force sucked out.
"Negative pressure wave" is the pressure generated by the volume change when exhaust gas reaches a point where the volume expands, such as an expansion pipe, and moves in the opposite direction from the muffler exit.When the "negative pressure wave" reaches the exhaust port, it has nowhere to go and reverses toward the muffler exit, becoming a "negative pressure inversion wave."This "negative pressure inversion wave" becomes the "sucking force" and sucks out the gas remaining in the combustion chamber.As a result, more air-fuel mixture is filled into the combustion chamber during the next intake stroke, increasing output.

■Built-in chamberMiddle pipe that enhances the suction effect
Our "exhaust chamber kit" increases the suction effect by installing a chamber (expansion pipe) in the middle of the middle pipe.The key to setting is the layout of the chamber, which is the point where negative pressure waves are generated.This is because the effective rotation range changes depending on the distance from the exhaust port to the chamber, and the output characteristics change.In other words, depending on where the chamber is installed, there will be differences in characteristics such as high rotation type or low rotation type.Needless to say, our aim is the street best.The layout is designed to improve accelerator response in commonly used areas.Furthermore, the chamber diameter will also be examined to improve exhaust efficiency.By the way, since mass-produced products such as catalyzers are used, there is no increase in exhaust volume.Although it is possible to install the part alone, we recommend using it in conjunction with an AutoExe muffler.

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