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leather mouse pad

Car model: 共通パーツ
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Leather mouse pad

The soft leather feels moist in your hand.
Black leather mouse pad with embossed AutoExe logo.

The leather has a slightly uneven surface and is less glossy, making it more responsive to the mouse, and
The back side is made of suede, making it less slippery.
Coordinate with the tray to give your desk a sporty look.
A skilled craftsman with leather craftsmanship that has been passed down for over 100 years in Tokyo's downtown area,
each item is handcrafted with great care over an afternoon.

AutoExeロゴ ハンドタオルセット (2枚組)AutoExeロゴ ハンドタオルセット (2枚組)AutoExeロゴ ハンドタオルセット (2枚組)

[Leather material] Cowhide
[Size] (approx.) Overall width x height x thickness mm
*Due to the use of natural materials, individual differences there is.
[Weight] Approx. 40g
[Accessories] Comes in clear case


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