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leather tray

Car model: 共通パーツ
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Product information

Leather tray

Leather tray made of black genuine leather with white stitching and an embossed AutoExe logo in the center.
Can be used as a MAZDA car key holder or accessory case.

Black genuine leather and silver parts create a sporty feel.
Each item is handcrafted with care by skilled craftsmen who have inherited leather craft techniques that have been passed down for over 100 years in downtown Tokyo.

AutoExeロゴ ハンドタオルセット (2枚組)AutoExeロゴ ハンドタオルセット (2枚組)AutoExeロゴ ハンドタオルセット (2枚組)

[Leather material] Cowhide
[Metal fittings] Nickel
[Size] (approx.) Overall width x height x thickness mm
*Made from natural materials Because of this, there are individual differences.
[Weight] Approx. 40g
[Accessories] Comes in a presentation box


こちらの商品は、ラッピングしてお送りします。This product will be sent wrapped with an original ribbon.
*Gift wrapping specifications and contents are subject to change without notice.