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Car model: MAZDA3
Model: ガソリンハイブリッドMT車/ガソリン2.0L MT車
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*It may not be possible to install it depending on the grade and year even if it is the same car model. Additionally, additional parts may be required for installation. Please be sure to check here for detailed compatibility.


By changing the lever ratio of the shift select arm on the transaxle inside the engine room, the stroke has been shortened. It is possible to adjust the stroke to a total of 3 levels, ranging from 13% to 41% compared to mass production, depending on the driver's preference. Furthermore, the moment of inertia is optimized by adjusting the weight balance, and the shift feel is sensitively tuned. In addition, the rigidity-enhancing effect of replacing the mass-produced rubber bushing with a rigid mount for the interior shift lever pedestal joint cannot be overlooked. >>More details


Manipulate MT directly and quickly.
Short stroke specification shift kit.

Two pedals are now mainstream even in super sports models. The superiority of AT is undeniable, not only in terms of easy driving, but also in the speed and accuracy of shift changes. If you want to enjoy changing gears in a primitive manual transmission car, you want to pay close attention to the shift feel. What we focused on was the short stroke of the shift mechanism that connects the shift knob and transmission. Although the mechanisms of the FR Roadster and the FF-based MAZDA3/CX-30 are completely different, we carefully examined the lever ratio and inertia weight. It's neither too heavy nor too light, and has been tuned to feel like the palm of your hand is directly connected to the drivetrain. Furthermore, when installed simultaneously with an AutoExe shift knob with adjustment functions, it is possible to finely adjust the shift stroke. If you drive while imagining the operating concept below, you are guaranteed to enjoy driving intelligently.

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