sports induction box


Car model: Axela
Model: BM2FS/BM2AS AT車
type: フィルター無
Selling price$226.00

Product information

*It may not be possible to install it depending on the grade and year even if it is the same car model. Additionally, additional parts may be required for installation. Please be sure to check here for detailed compatibility.
Using the air cleaner box of a mass-produced car, replace the case on the intake side. Directly directs fresh air to the air filter to improve intake efficiency. The sound also changes to become more sports-like. Efficiency is further increased when combined with the optional K&N air filter. >>More details
<Main specifications>・Funnel type FRP frame + aluminum air guide plate *There are two types of settings: with/without K&N filter.



Using mass-produced filter boxes. Improves suction efficiency and sound.

The "Sports Induction Box" is a rational intake device that uses the air filter box of mass-produced cars as is. In mass production, only the silencing resonator and the box on the cleaner suction side, which have limited openings and create suction resistance, are opened to improve suction efficiency by guiding fresh air directly to the air filter. It also changes the intake sound to be sporty. The product consists of a funnel-type FRP frame that enhances the rectification effect, an aluminum heat shield that blocks heat from the engine, and an air filter replacement (manufactured by K&N). An air filter-less version is also available, allowing you to use the genuine air filter as is.

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