sports stabilizer


Car model: CX-30
Model: DM系
type: フロント
Selling price$181.00

Product information

*It may not be possible to install it depending on the grade and year even if it is the same car model. Additionally, additional parts may be required for installation. Please be sure to check here for detailed compatibility.


A stabilizer that connects the left and right suspension arms with a pipe and uses its spring effect to suppress roll. This product has a moderately strengthened spring rate since mass production. Stabilizes your posture when cornering while maintaining controllability. Since almost no spring effect occurs when driving straight, the effect on ride comfort is minimal. >>More details


Without lowering the vehicle height or compromising ride comfort...
Suppresses the amount of roll during cornering that cannot be suppressed by springs alone.

A stabilizer that connects the left and right suspensions with a torsion bar, and uses the spring effect of the torsion bar to suppress the amount of roll. Of course, it is standard equipment on many mass-produced cars, but in situations where you want to drive comfortably through winding roads, you may want to suppress the roll a little more. This tendency is especially noticeable when high-grip tires are installed. For mass-produced tires, the spring constant is determined based on the grip of the stock tires, so the more the tires bite into the road, the more the amount of roll increases.
This is where our "Sports Stabilizer" comes into play. By appropriately increasing the pipe diameter and making hollow pipes solid, the spring constant has been strengthened by 110 to 200% since mass production. This suppresses the amount of roll during cornering that cannot be suppressed by coil springs alone, supporting quick and stable handling. We are particular about avoiding excessively large diameters that would cause sudden oversteer, understeer, or a decrease in tire grip at the limit. Unlike coil springs, there is almost no spring effect when driving straight when both wheels move up and down at the same time, so it has little effect on ride comfort. It is an extremely attractive tuning item not only for sports cars but also for SUVs with a high center of gravity.

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