Styling kit DJ-07


Car model: MAZDA2/Demio
Model: MAZDA2(DJ系)
type: フロントアンダースポイラー
Selling price$531.00

Product information

*It may not be possible to install it depending on the grade and year even if it is the same car model. Additionally, additional parts may be required for installation. Please be sure to check here for detailed compatibility.


The dynamic form incorporating a high nose and forward-swept wing tips adds graceful strength. Painted piano black.

A horizontally-based fin type with outstanding carving depth. The surface is piano black, the recesses are painted matte black, and the Mazda emblem is traded in.

Adds stability to the bottom line of the view. Painted piano black. Equipped with AutoExe ornaments on the left and right.

Duct motif boldly design the flow of wind. Gives a sporty accent.
*Painted products can be purchased from here.

A diffuser design with a three-dimensional feel that tightens up the sporty rear view. Painted in glossy piano black.

The sports-inspired wing-type design gives an impressive rear view. Painted piano black. Equipped with AutoExe ornament.

Equipped with a ventilation mechanism that actively exhausts air inside the car using the negative pressure generated when driving.

A mechanical one-point item with a metal feel. Double-sided tape is attached to the mass-produced fuel lid cover.

A matte carbon-like finish that protects the paint on the door handle and adds a sporty look to your styling.


DJ-07 Styling kit

Mass-produced Sport for even more athletes.
Compatible with the new MAZDA2, DJ-07 debut.

The new MAZDA2 is now expanding its lively personality with a variety of grades. For those looking for a driving experience, the return of the traditional name "Sport" is also good news. Of course, we at Auto Exe, which have built numerous sports versions of the successive Demio and MAZDA2, would like to offer the ability to use the lightweight and compact body as a weapon to maneuver the car with ease and immerse yourself in driving... The latest tuning kit DJ-07 was born out of this desire.
First of all, the styling has a more fearless aero form. Based on the three basic items of front/side/rear under that make the bottom end wide and low, the fin-type grille with a deeper three-dimensional feel, and the rear side cowl with a bold design to direct the flow of the wind have transformed the car into an athlete. There is.
In terms of driving performance, total tuning is aimed at achieving a vivacity that will make you smile just by clearing a tight corner at an intersection in the city or a mountain pass, for example. The full lineup includes options ranging from the "Street Best Sports" specification, which is designed for comfort in daily use, to the high-limit "High Limit Sports", which also has circuit driving in mind. From a light tune to a full-fledged complete specification depending on the driving you are looking for. We want you to refine your MAZDA2 into a more fun and dynamic machine. >>More details

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