Shipping policy

About shipping fee (in Japan)

Purchase price (tax included) Shipping fee (tax included)
¥ 3,300 or more free
Less than ¥ 3,300 ¥ 880 (nationwide uniform)

* Cannot be shipped to Mazda dealers or car supplies stores.

About delivery time

Products will be delivered within 2 weeks (excluding out-of-stock products) from the business day following the day the order is received. We apologize for the inconvenience, but we do not accept delivery dates. We will deliver it as soon as it is ready. * Back order purchase and Reserved items will be shipped "as soon as they arrive".

Business days are weekdays excluding Saturdays, Sundays, national holidays, and the year-end and New Year holidays.
However, if there are holidays such as New Year and Golden Week, we will ship sequentially after the next business day.

Delivery may be delayed if orders are concentrated, consecutive holidays, or before or after our regular holidays.

About sold out and out of stock after ordering

This online shop shares inventory with multiple systems, and inventory may vary depending on the timing. We are constantly adjusting inventory, but if orders are concentrated, such as popular products, the ordered products may be out of stock. In the unlikely event that it is sold out or out of stock, we will contact you as soon as possible regarding availability and delivery date. Please note.

Also, depending on the product, even if it is out of stock, the "Purchase by back order" button will be displayed and you can place an order. This item will be shipped as soon as it arrives. ..

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About shipping products

Even if you order multiple items at the same time, the delivery company and delivery date may differ depending on the item. In that case, we will inform you of the delivery company and tracking number by e-mail at each shipping timing.

We apologize for the inconvenience, but there are some areas where we cannot deliver the products. I'm sorry, but in that case, We will contact you.

Thank you for your understanding.

About efforts to abolish delivery notes

The AutoExe Store has abolished the delivery note from the viewpoint of promoting paperless offices and preventing information leakage such as order details. For order details, please check the "Confirmation of order details" email sent when you place an order with us.
If you wish to issue a "delivery note", we will send you a PDF delivery note attached to the email. Please add "Request for delivery note" to the "Confirmation of order details" email so that you can see the order number, etc., and reply as it is.
We appreciate your understanding and cooperation.

If the delivery address is absent

If the delivery address is absent, the carrier will post an absentee card and the delivery address will contact you to respond.
Basically, if the delivery address is absent even after 7 days have passed since the absentee card was posted, the product will be returned to the shipping source.
If the item cannot be delivered and is returned, the customer will be responsible for the shipping cost for redelivery, so please accept it as much as possible.

About damage during delivery

When packing, we will prepare for shipping with due consideration so that the outer box will not be scratched or dented, but after delivery to the delivery company, some trouble during transportation or damage due to the responsibility of the delivery company may occur. There is sex.
Please forgive scratches and dents on the outer box that do not interfere with the use of the main unit.

About overseas shipping

For orders from overseas, the shipping fee will be added according to the weight of the item.
The shipping fee will be displayed on the payment page, so please check before purchasing.

Products will be delivered within 1 to 3 weeks (excluding out-of-stock products) after receiving your order.

For orders from overseas, DAP (Delivered at Place) is used.
The buyer (recipient) is responsible for the costs related to import customs clearance and the risks and costs after delivery.

In addition, the price includes the full amount of the transportation including the goods fee and customs fees, but does not include the tax on the customer side. When ordering from overseas, the tax rate varies depending on the country / region and the product. Customers are required to pay customs duty and consumption tax according to the specified tax rate when they receive the goods.

In addition, if there are some products that cannot be purchased or areas where the products cannot be delivered and conditions are included, you will not be able to proceed to the payment procedure.

We apologize for the inconvenience, but please be aware of the above before purchasing.