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Driving sunglasses overglass type

Car model: 共通パーツ
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Product information

About the head-up display (HUD)

Please note that this product is a pair of polarized sunglasses that reduces reflections from the road surface and the windshield, so the head-up display (HUD), which uses reflections to display text, will not be visible. please.


[AutoExe Store limited item]
AutoExe × TALEX polarized sunglasses

An overglass type that can be worn as is or over glasses.

Feel comfortable no matter the weather...
As the only manufacturer specializing in polarized lenses in the world, TALEX's polarized lenses have a core of "miscellaneous light ® cut filters" created from the technology and experience accumulated over many years. There is no shaking or distortion, and it eliminates "miscellaneous light ®" that causes fatigue, providing clear and bright vision.

The frame that is paired with the carefully selected lenses is an overglass type uniquely designed to suit the Japanese skeleton. You can wear it as is, or you can hang it over your glasses. The gray color with just the right amount of transparency gives a light impression, and at the same time allows you to recognize movement around you. The design covers all the way to the sides, which not only blocks light but also suppresses wind entrainment, making it especially recommended for roadster owners who enjoy open-air motoring!

Brand color red rubber at the temple tip, AutoExe logo on both sides.
It goes great with interiors coordinated with AutoExe items.


[Model] Driving sunglasses overglass type
[Lens] Color: True View®
Coating: Hard multi-single coat
Material: TALEX PPL75 (plastic)
Curve: 6 curves
UV protection rate:
UV400 protection (over 99% UV protection)
[Frame material] Nylon
[Frame color]
Front: Gloss dark gray
Temple: Matte black
[Size] (approx.) Width 154 x Height 47 mm
[Weight] 30g
[Accessories] AutoExe original logo cross semi-hard case
* Regarding accessories , subject to change without notice.

Width (mm): Up to 133mm at the outer dimension (longest part)
Height (mm): External dimension (top and bottom) (longest dimension) up to 40mm
*Please note that it may not fit depending on the shape of the glasses.


The view is so natural that you will forget you are wearing it.

The lens color “TRUEVIEW®” installed in this product has been patented as a color that does not impair the colors and details of the scenery. I am. This is the only technology that reproduces everything you see as it is while suppressing "miscellaneous light ®" such as the white light reflected on the asphalt and the reflection on the windshield, as well as ultraviolet rays that are harmful to the eyes. .


Miscellaneous light cut rate 99%
Visible light transmittance 30%


Miscellaneous light cut filter provides clear visibility

運転用 サングラス

■ "True View®" view as seen with the lens

運転時におすすめ 偏光レンズ サングラス

■Made by TALEX, where more than 60% of the manufacturing process is handmade


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