Floor crossbar


Vehicle type: MAZDA2/Demio
Model: DJ系2WD車
Selling price$126.00

Product information

* Even if it is the same model, it may not be installed depending on the grade and model year. In addition, additional parts may be required for installation. Please be sure to check here for detailed compatibility.


By crawling the bar on the rear floor, the effect is similar to that of a tower bar. As for the mounting point, it is not necessary to drill holes in the body by utilizing the high-strength seat mounting part. There is no impact on the utility space. It is effective when used alone, but it is recommended to install it together with the strut tower bar. >> More details


The left and right sides of the upper part of the floor are connected to create a tower bar effect.

A strut tower bar that connects the upper mounting part of the suspension to prevent the body from opening. The effect is remarkable, but there is no strut tower in the rear suspension in cars that consider utilities such as hatchbacks and minivans ... Therefore, we focused on the floor itself. The "floor crossbar" is a part that connects the left and right sides of the rear floor (upper surface of the luggage space) with high-rigidity steel pipes to reinforce it. The rear strut tower bar has a thinned effect with little sacrifice in luggage room utility. The effect is especially great for hatchbacks and minivans with an open structure that does not have a partition plate between the rear seats and the luggage space. Since it is mounted on a high-strength seat mounting point, there is no concern about the burden on the body. From the viewpoint of balance, it is recommended to install it at the same time as the front strut tower bar.

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