Folding container 20L

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Folding container 20L

An original design with the AutoExe logo placed on a three-color base of black, gray, and red.
A popular folding container box that can be stored compactly and conveniently when not in use.

Original design with AutoExe logo placed on the side and top!
It is a 20L size that can fit in the trunk of a roadster.

Folding containers are convenient for organizing tools, luggage, car wash sets, and storing and transporting outdoor and leisure items.They can be used in a wide variety of situations, whether in the car, garage, or room.

Also, containers can be stacked vertically with luggage inside. (Stored items must be up to 15 kg and stacked up to 5 levels. *Storage load is just a guideline.)
The lid can be easily locked, which prevents the contents from falling out even if it falls over.

Height when folded is 81mm. When not in use, when folded, it takes up little storage space and does not take up much space.
Since no metal is used in the product, there is no need to worry about rust.

[Product name] Folding container 20L
[External dimensions] When assembled: Width 366mm x Depth 264mm x Height 283mm
When folded: Width 366mm x Depth 264mm x Height 81mm 384> Quantity] 20L
[Container weight] 1270g
[Color] Black x Red x Gray Lock parts: Milky white
[Material] Polypropylene

Please be sure to consider safety and check before using vertical stacking, simple lock functions, etc.


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