intake suction kit


car model: MAZDA3
Model: BP8P
Selling price$140.00

Product information

*Even if it is the same model, it may not be possible to install it depending on the grade and model year. In addition, separate parts may be required for installation. Be sure to check here for detailed compatibility.


■Intake Suction Kit
The flexible joints (bellows) that are installed on mass-produced products cause turbulence in the intake air and increase resistance. The hard FRP intake suction, which has the effect of suppressing deformation due to negative pressure, has a shape that maximizes the effective flow path area by eliminating flexible joints. It reduces intake resistance and improves accelerator response. >>more details


Elimination of flexible joints to thoroughly reduce intake resistance.

The flexible joints of mass-produced intake hoses, for which reliability is the top priority, tend to cause turbulence in the intake air and increase resistance due to their bellows shape. Our "Intake Suction Kit" does away with flexible joints and is designed to maximize the effective flow path area. The hoses, which are specially designed for each engine, are made of multi-layer polyster silicon and FRP, which are highly effective in suppressing deformation due to intake negative pressure. As a result, improved accelerator response is realized. The uniform crimson coloring adds an accent to the engine room.

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