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AutoExe × ASHFORD leather key chain

The carefully designed design and the contrast of black and red give you a sense of AutoExeism. A leather key chain specifically for MAZDA car smart keys that can be passed through your waist belt.

Hang it on your belt loop or bag handle for stress-free carrying. This is a completely original leather keychain sized to match the Mazda car new advanced key .

Made of natural leather, it protects and prevents scratches from falling, and has an eye-catching texture and carefully designed design. This is a masterpiece that has been handcrafted one by one by skilled craftsmen.
This product was jointly developed from the ground up with ASHFORD, a pioneering brand of system planners that produces high-quality leather stationery, paying particular attention to functionality and design details.

The main material, ``black cordovan,'' which boldly covers the surface, is said to be the ``highest grade'' among many leathers, and is characterized by its deep black color and fine, beautiful luster. The inside of the main body is made entirely of soft cowhide leather in the brand color red, which gently envelops the smart key.
Also, the silver parts and punched leather, including buttons featuring the ASHFORD logo, create a sporty feel. You can also enjoy coordinating it with your car customized to AutoExe specifications.

The finish has been carefully crafted so that you can enjoy the aging of the leather as you use it. Recommended as an item to add color to your car life with your beloved car, which is always with you.


<Main specifications>

[Product name] Leather key chain
[Leather material] Cordovan (horseskin)/cowhide
[Metal fittings] Nickel
[Size] (Approx.) Overall width 48 x Height 175 x Thickness 35 mm *When attached to a belt, etc.
*As natural materials are used, there may be individual differences.
*Cannot be installed simultaneously with carbon key cover (part number: A2650-20).
[Weight] 50g
[Accessories] Fixing hardware (1 spare set)/ASHFORD in presentation box
[Compatible keys] Mazda car new type advanced key

When attaching the key, please remove the fixing hardware yourself and tighten it firmly with a coin, etc. Be sure to check that it does not come off before use.


Each item is handcrafted with care by skilled craftsmen.

Leather craft techniques have been passed down for over 100 years in downtown Tokyo. The beautiful form and sense of security are created by carefully crafting each item one by one using skilled craftsmanship.

■Production process example (*when making a leather key chain)



■We are particular about the selection of leather, creating a sporty finish typical of AutoExe


ASHFORD continues to create products that bloom beautifully in people's hearts

The advanced and reliable techniques of craftsmen who bring the best materials from around the world into shape, the endless passion and inquisitive spirit for manufacturing, and the strict eyes that always read the trends and trends of the times while preserving tradition. Since its founding, ``ASHFORD'' has continued to create products that bloom beautifully in people's hearts.
In addition, its originality has attracted attention mainly in the media and SNS, proposing a new way of making leather accessories that connect people and brands and indicate status. It is a pioneer brand in the notebook system industry.

■Joint development with Japan's leading notebook manufacturer


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