Styling kit DR-06


Vehicle type: MX-30
Model: DR系 ガソリン車
type: フロントアンダースポイラー
Selling price$572.00

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Additional type to be attached to mass-produced front bumpers. Air curtain ducts on both sides and wedge shapes on the wing tip add graceful strength. Piano black painted.

A special diffuser design that is additionally attached to the mass-produced rear bumper. Mass-produced rear fog lamps can be installed in the center as they are. Black satin finish that does not require painting.

Dedicated garnish required when installing the premier tail muffler. The mass-produced bumper is cut and mounted to form a natural form with a sense of unity. Black satin finish that does not require painting. Cannot be installed separately.

A wing type that tightens the coupe style sporty. The wedge shape at the tip of the wing, which aims for total coordination with the front under spoiler, enhances the sense of dynamism. Piano black painted.

Metallic silver specification under garnish that creates a powerful and active style like an SUV. It does not require painting and can be additionally attached to the front and rear mass-produced bumpers.


DR-06 Styling kit

To unknown performance.
SUV specialty, DR-06 for MX-30 is born

Are only sports cars and high-performance cars subject to tuning? Whether it's a compact car or a hybrid car, it's a common desire for car lovers to express their personality. Even more so, the Mazda MX-30, which insists on "living like me" as a new-generation SUV, can be said to be the perfect material for unique tuning.
AutoExe Options "DR-06" that draws out the potential of the MX-30 while respecting the beauty of mass production specifications. The aim is to deepen the "SUV specialty" with a novel coupe style and upgraded driving ability. First of all, the styling has a fearless appearance with a premier tail muffler with two left and right, a diffuser type under garnish, and a wing-shaped roof spoiler. The front under spoiler accented with air curtain ducts also enhances the sporty feel. >> More details

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