Styling kit ND-06S


Vehicle type: Roadster
Model: ND5RC
type: フロントアンダースポイラー
Selling price$572.00

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The air ducts on both sides are installed in front of the front tires and aim to send air toward the strake that rectifies the air inside the tire house. The wedge shape at the tip of the wing adds graceful strength. Piano black painted. An additional type to be attached to the mass-produced front bumper.

Diffuser shape with rectification in mind. Along with the rear wing, the rear view stands out like a pure sports car. Black satin finish that does not require painting. Additional type to be attached to mass-produced rear bumpers.

A wing type spoiler that gives the rear view a sports car-like presence. The high mount stop lamp is installed by relocating a mass-produced product. AutoExe ornaments are placed on the left and right wing tips. Includes a lid cover that naturally arranges the mass-produced high-mount stop lamp mounting part.

A combination of a neat horizontal high-intensity LED red light bar, a sequential turn signal that impacts the following vehicle and enhances visibility, and a light smoke lens. Impresses pure sports vividly and neatly.


ND-06S Styling kit

Winding, sometimes circuit.
High limit pure sports, ND-06S.

AutoExe has long advocated the tuning concept as "sophisticated street best tune". However, this time I dared to lift the regulation and released a hard tuned version. The ND-06S is for ND users, especially those who demand high-limit performance.
The index of development is the realization of a solid feeling such as agility, acceleration / deceleration, and little play. In order to take full advantage of the lightweight front and rear 50:50 weight distribution front midship FR, the comfort has been reduced to the limit that can be tolerated, and the margin has been converted to athletic performance. >> More details

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