door handle cover & protector


car model: Roadster
type: ドアハンドルカバー&プロテクターセット
Selling price$100.00

Product information

*Even if it is the same model, there are cases where it cannot be installed depending on the grade and year. Also, may require separate parts for installation. Be sure to check here for detailed compatibility.


A sporty accent every time you get in.
Carbon tone combination that pursues realism.

A sporty accent that you feel every time you get into your car. The "Door Handle Cover/Protector" is designed exclusively for Mazda vehicles to protect the paint on the door handle, which is easily damaged when opening and closing. The
product adopts a real carbon-like design with a highly textured matte specification, and thoroughly pursues details such as the roughness and direction of the carbon mesh, the position of the logo, and the color scheme. Achieve a natural and uniform fitting. ABS and PVC with excellent weather resistance are used as materials, and it is a specification that allows you to enjoy DIY installation with double-sided tape. Each
product can be installed individually, but we have prepared a package that includes both products as a set for a wide range of vehicles, mainly current models.

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